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Whisk Bracelet

Whisk Bracelet

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These are so much fun to play with and there are so many ways to play with it! You can run this up and down your arm and it's like a metallic bubble. You can roll this around a variety of objects.

See pictures for scale (next to a Starbucks Venti cup) 

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Customer Reviews

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So fun!

It's very fun to play with! I really like making it run up and down my arm, or between my two hands, but for a more mindless stim, i keep it closed in one hand and let it try to open, it's really fun
It's also easy to store and can be decorative

I expected it to be a stim bracelet (i don't drink starbuck so the scale was lost on me) so a jewelery I could wear everyday and play with (like the intertwined circles necklace but bigger), but it was not. I'm not disappointed tho, it turned out more fun like that

Excellent quality

I've owned one of these in the past from another company before, but the quality was very poor and it stuck a lot because the metal wasn't shaped properly. Well, I've noticed no such problems with this brand! It's constructed very nicely and made with care, and glides very very nicely. Excellent tactile stimulation for my arms, I love letting it spiral up and down on each of them.