About Us

Nothing about us without us

April and Irene met on Tumblr in 2013.  They bonded over their shared special interest in Bones, and their lived experiences of chronic pain, trauma, ADHD, and autism.  Irene went to school to study financial planning while working in autism advocacy.  April went to school to study anthropology while building a vibrant online trauma-focused peer support community

They started FlappyHappy when the autism community’s beloved Stimtastic announced they were shutting down.  They saw the need for quality, affordable stim toys, sold by autistics for autistics.  Many places that sell stim toys are focused on the needs and experiences of parents of young autistic children.  Here at FlappyHappy, autistic needs and voices are centred over caregivers.  They provide stim toys for autistic children, teens, and adults.  Their stim toys are also great for people living with trauma, ADHD, chronic pain, anxiety, or other needs! FlappyHappy believes there is no right reason to use a stim toy.  If you like them and find them helpful, then stim toys are for you regardless of your identities or conditions!

Check out our selection of sensory and stim items! If we don’t have what you’re looking for contact us.