Are your toys safe for children?

Many of our items are primarily designed and intended for adults.  Small items such as the bike chain or spinner rings present choking hazards.  The yarn fidgets will eventually unravel due to normal wear and tear presenting a safety risk.  We strongly recommend adult supervision when children are using any of our products, and cannot guarantee the safety of any items for children.

Silicone chewelry: Please use your discretion when selecting appropriate chew items for your child.  Never leave a child unattended with any silicone chew items. Cords, clasps, and packaging are not intended to be chewed on and may present choking hazards.  Silicone chew items are not indestructible and will eventually break. Replace if cracks, breakage, or other signs of excessive wear and tear appear, as broken pieces present a choking hazard to adults and children.

Do you offer free shipping? Where do you ship to?

Free shipping is available for orders over $70 (CAD) worldwide!  Please see our shipping policy for more information.

When will my order ship?

Orders all ship within two weeks. 

What is your packaging like? Do you provide discreet shipping?

Our items are shipped in plain mailers (or cardboard boxes for larger orders/items). If you need discreet shipping, let us know in the order comments and we will put a plain address instead of "Flappy Happy" as the return address.

Why was my order packed with plastic fillers?

Fragile items (like the balls) are being packed with packing material to protect them during shipping. In an attempt to be environmentally conscious, we are reusing packing material from shipments we've received from our own personal online shopping. As such, you may receive your order with any of a variety of packing material types (unfortunately including non-recyclable plastic bubble packaging). Please know that we are not buying any plastic packing material to ship your order in, and are only reusing plastic that other online stores have sent us (instead of throwing it away in our trash).

Do you accept returns/exchanges?  My item arrived damaged.

Please see our return, refund, and exchange policy.

My spinner ring squeaks, what can I do?

Lubricating the spinning mechanism will help the ring spin smoothly and quietly.  Due to allergy concerns (coconut) and to accommodate individual preferences, we do not pre-lubricate the rings before shipping and you can use a lubricant of your choice.  Plant-based oils (like coconut or canola), silicone lube (personal or car), or graphite are all safe to use on your spinner ring.  You may need to relubricate the ring periodically or after washing.

What can I do about seams on my silicone item?

During the manufacturing process, sometimes excess silicone forms a seam on the edge of the item. You can carefully remove it with a sharp knife or peel it off.

How do I clean or care for my items?

Please check the individual item listing for special care instructions.

Why don't you sell ____? Are you planning to add more products to your catalogue?

We're just getting started and due to cost unfortunately we aren't able to carry all of the amazing stim toys available. We will be using the proceeds of sale to invest in bringing you new products. If you have a specific item that you'd like to see us sell, feel free to let us know by contacting us. Some of the next products we'd like to bring into the store are 3D items, squishies and more chewables.

I'm a creator/artist and would like to sell to you.

We love collaborating with and supporting local and/or neurodivergent creators.  If you make something you think our customers would love, please reach out!

Do you offer wholesale or bulk orders?

Yes!  Not all of our items are available wholesale, but please reach out!  For items currently in stock, we can typically ship bulk orders the same or next business day.  Contact us or email us at sales@flappyhappystim.com

Where are you located? 

All of our orders ship from Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. 

Do you offer pick-up/delivery?

Yes! You can select either as an option at check out. We will deliver from Courtenay, BC to Nanaimo, BC. Special arrangements can be made for delivery in Port Alberni and other areas surrounding Nanaimo & Courtenay. Please feel free to reach out and check if an arrangement can be made if you live somewhere on the island that isn't mentioned. Pick up can happen in Errington, BC or Courtenay, BC. (This isn't listed as an option on our site, so please reach out if you wish to pick up in Courtenay.)