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Tangle Jr. - Textured

Tangle Jr. - Textured

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The Tangle Jr Textured is great for twisting and turning. It has lots of bumps and grooves. 

  • When coiled, the Tangle Jr. measures 1.5" x 2" x 1.5"
  • Extends to 7" when uncoiled.
  • Each Tangle is comprised to eighteen 1" curved sections.

Please note:  Picture shown may differ from actual product. Colors may vary. Due to separating segments, the Tangle Jr. is a choking hazard for children. Should not be given to children under 3, and children should be supervised while using. 

Product dimension:

Long: 5 cm

Width: 6 cm

Height: 6 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
big man
Quite nice :) just don't be too harsh on it

This is the first Tangle I've ever gotten, before this I only ever saw them in photos because the stores here don't sell them. I was at first worried about mishandling them due to the review I saw at the Tangle Crush listing, but now that I have mine, I can say that it's not that bad. It's built to be flexible so it can twist and turn and can separate, but you can always link the parts back together. Just be mindful (and careful) of your strength when you fidget with it. It loosens up more as you use it more often, at first it's a little rigid. There's only a few textured pieces on this tangle, with either bumps or grooves, which provides a nice variety. I also love the colors of the tangle I got (pink and orange), which reminds me of the lesbian flag so perhaps this can be a subtle pride fidget for lesbians? I hope it helps. The clear and pink semi-transparent pieces also have glitter in it!! It looks prettier in the sun than illustrated in the picture.

didn't know how much I would love these

I have tried tangles before, but these were my first official branded tangle, not knock offs. the textures on these are so lovely and I love to stim with these. they're very quiet so work perfectly in classroom or office settings.