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Spiral Hair Tie

Spiral Hair Tie

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Our hair ties are perfect for fidgeting as well as putting in your hair!
Wear them as a bracelet if you want. It's waterproof so it can go in the shower and pool just fine. And bonus, you always have an emergency hair tie when you need it.

The different colours are numbered in the images. Please choose the number that corresponds to the colour you want.


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Customer Reviews

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Durable and multi-purpose! Plushies can also use it

I got a teal one from a mystery box I ordered! While it doesn't have much use to me (my hair is short and my wrists are too big for it to be suitable as a bracelet), it works perfectly as a bracelet for one of the tiny plushies I own, which was gifted to me from my wife. It fits him quite well :) It's been some months since I've gotten this hair tie, I think, and it's still the same as the day I got it.

Like a portable old school phone cord

Maybe not applicable to everyone, but these ties are exactly like fidgeting with a corded phone cable (without the risk of knocking the handset off the receiver). They're durable (haven't manged to break one yet), nice and stretchy, and if you get a bunch you can also have fun sorting the colours in different patterns.


SUCH a simple, convenient and easy to use stim toy!!! I can bring it anywhere without feeling self conscious and it really helps me when I need to stim

Nice and easy one-handed stimming

I really like these for keeping one hand busy while I'm using the other to do something. I can easily put it over three finger then use my thumb to spin it around those fingers, or stretch it between fingers, or flip it from finger to finger. I really didn't expect to be able to fidget in as many different ways with this as I can, with only one hand.

This is so nice for fidgeting with.