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Spiky Metal Stim Ring

Spiky Metal Stim Ring

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These spiky stim rings don't hurt, but they do provide tingly pressure and sensation. Our acupressure rings are made to help relieve stress and anxiety. Simply roll up and down your finger to stimulate pressure points. They can be easily and quietly used for fidgeting, and are available in a variety of colours.

Care Instructions: Keep your ring clean and dry. If you need to wash it in water, dry it immediately. Take it off before showering, going in a pool, or around other water/moisture.
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Customer Reviews

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Good grounding fidget

My wife loves these things, so I was curious about them and wanted to try one for myself. I got a copper one because I love metallic colors, lol. And hell, she wasn't lying at all!! This little thing reminds me of wooden foot massagers and how they massage the nerves of your feet. This pretty much emulates that but with your fingers. It helped me quite a bit at times when I was panicking. Be careful though, don't keep it on your finger for too long or they might hurt! Good product.

really nice, beware of coating

I really like these but be aware that the colorful coating can rub off after you use them for a little bit, at least for the black one that I got, and you'll see it on your fingers. Maybe the copper or silver doesnt have any coating so wouldn't do that? Also, they're too small for me to wear/carry as a ring but they're really good for rolling on my finger.


Feels so good on your finger!

Best purchase ever

I wasnt sure what is was when I first ordered it. But when it arrived, it has quickly become my favourite stim toy ever. I have a few toys next to my chair, and since I got the spiky ring, its become my favourite to use. Definitely purchasing more of these!!