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OS²⁺ Gemstone

OS²⁺ Gemstone

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FlappyHappy is proud to bring  Old Soul Project products into our shop!

The following descriptions are taken from Old Soul's pages here and here. 

Featuring a laser engraved amethyst toggle, our high quality soft elastic cord, and two PLUS sized 19mm beads that offer a more heavy and satisfying feel.

Combining fashion and function, our hand made bracelets help take the stress out of boredom and are convenient enough to wear anywhere, anytime.  Each member of our bracelet family offers the ability to help regulate and stimulate, by providing fun and calming fidgets and exercises  - giving you a wearable low-tech accessory to help you get through the day.


Laser Engraved Wooden Toggle

Eco Friendly Ovengko Wood

Soft, Stretchy, and Durable Elastic Cord

BPA Free Sport Rubber

Designed and Assembled By Hand in Canada


XS - 5.25" - 5.75" -fits toddlers and very thin wrists

S - 6" - 6.25" -fits adolescents & women with small wrists

M - 6.5" - 6.75" -fits teenage boys & and most women

L - 7" - 7.5" -fits most men

XL - 8"+ -fits larger wrists


    This product contains small pieces that represent a choking hazard. This is not for children under the age of 6. Please also be sure you don't leave the bracelet too tight on your wrist, and leave it in a relaxed position after use to avoid cutting off circulation. 

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