Mystery Scoop
Mystery Scoop

Mystery Scoop

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Check out our mystery scoop!

The scoop contains approximately 200 balls that have pieces of paper inside with things written on them like "random chew, random push pop, random squishy, etc"

The small has 5 items, and the large has 10 items

While you will get random items that are stocked on our site, there are a number of items available in the scoop that are not available for purchase on the site. (Fidget earrings and fidget rings are not a part of the scoop.) 

Because we want people to get a variety of items if you pull the same category more than twice, a ball will be put back and a new one pulled out (you will also get two different variations if you do get the same item twice unless it is a product there is only one variation of.) Please note, this only applies to individual scoops. If you ordered two scoops, each one would count as its own.

If the items you get are valued less on our site than the amount you paid for the scoop, we add a random item or two to bring the amount up! 

If you have sensitivities, texture issues or know that there's a type of item you won't use (like if you don't stim by chewing and don't want to receive chews), please feel free to contact us with these issues with your order number and we'll make sure we don't include those items. 

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