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Möbii® Collection

Möbii® Collection

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Mobii by Steel Lynx

Please note to our US customers that due to fluctuating exchange rates, it may be cheaper for you to purchase directly from the creator's site. 

These fidgets are lightweight and perfect for storing in your pocket to take on the go! 

Small = 1 inch (size of a quarter) Medium = 1 1/2 inches (size of a golf ball)

Has rings that could be removed by force. Not for young children or anyone else this may present a choking hazard too

Handcrafted in Anderson, Indiana  USA

Möbii® are a Trademark of Steel Lynx, expect and accept only the best!

In the scale picture, the small and medium sizes can be seen on the top! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Absolutely love this!

Definitely my favourite fidget I've tried yet, very good quality. I keep it in my pocket all the time and it's great for fidgeting with one hand or two! Have had some friends say it's too small for their hands, so that could be a concern. I'm also a bit prone to dropping it lol but yeah highly recommend! And the colours are fab!!

Solid color, surprisingly quiet and light

I love the colors, no ring had flaking colors, really light and pretty. A very good, flawless purchase