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Metallic Fidget Spinner

Metallic Fidget Spinner

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Our fidget spinners are bright and shimmer with a rainbow of colours. They are made from durable zinc alloy and are available in a variety of different patterns. They will spin freely for hours of distraction and stress relief.

Note: zinc alloys are not hypoallergenic. If you have metal allergies, please check out our spinner rings instead.

Care Instructions: If the fidget spinner gets dirty, wipe it with a clean cloth. If your spinner gets squeaky or hard to spin, you may need to clean it with soap and water. To do that, add a little bit of dish soap to water and stir until dissolved and a little bubbly. Put your spinner in the water, soak for a few minutes, and then spin back and forth to loosen any dirt that might be trapped in the spinner. If it is squeaky or hard to spin after cleaning, it may need additional lubrication. You can use a silicone lubricant (personal or car), or vegetable oil (coconut or canola oil are good choices).
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Customer Reviews

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Middle button has bad tolerances, colors great, ball bearing spins flawlessly

Fidget spinner in question is the Flower shape.

As said in the title, the ball bearing is frictionless as delivered, however the tolerance for the middle button are bad.
It wobbles around when spinning and rattles when shook. Bad tolerances can reduce the momentum of the spinner when spun and reduce its life expectancy, and as such it is recommended to set the goal to around ± 0.2 mm to reduce wobbling and rattling.

Other than that, the color is solid, the button in the middle had some leftovers from injection molding which were filed down quickly with a simple nail file. All sharp corners have been removed, and it's pleasant to handle.

The zinc casting has some imperfections in the surface, and obvious casting lines, which were to be expected, so it's not a huge deal.

I like the solid color transition that appears when spun. All in all, a very good purchase.

Beautiful and lightweight

This immediately caught my eye when I was first browsing this shop and I knew I had to get one. I got one of the three-pointed ones and I absolutely love it!! I had always wanted a spinner of these colors and shape, but they're so expensive everywhere else.


My friend bought one of the six-spoke wheels for me and it just arrived today! The colors are lovely and it feels very nice in my hand. It spins smoothly and the sound it makes while spinning is very nice. So excited!