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Marble Mesh

Marble Mesh

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This is a nice quiet stim toy! You can roll the marble back and forth and twist and bend it. It is great for helping with anxiety, stress and helping with focus.
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Well-structured, and fun

Even though it's not my absolute favorite fidget toy, it still helps me out a lot while I stim with it :) I got two of them from a mystery box (one green and one orange as per theme request). I'm personally not very into collecting like some other people, I actually prefer every one of these to have their own purpose to diversify the ways I can fidget so I enjoy how these add some variety into my fidget/stim box. Tried fidgeting with it in other ways that previous reviewers have suggested and they get more fun, too!! I also enjoy that I have two and each has a different color, helps stimulate my brain when it gets bored of one color constantly. I also like how vibrant the color on these marble meshes (the solid color ones) are 'cause they stand out. Sometimes, it can have a few loose threads that might poke you, as well as the edges being a bit sharp, so be careful of those.

One of my favs

Can't believe how long this toy lasted! After six months of daily, rough fidgeting (and I do mean rough: twisting, pulling, and squishing it as hard as I could), the mesh has stretched enough that the marble pops out. The other one that I'm more gentle with is still like new. Fantastic toy, could not be happier!


Simple, inexpensive and fun


Simple, inexpensive and satisfying

Well Constructed

This is a really well-made stim. It's small and quiet so you could bring it anywhere. It's not my favourite stim, which is why I only gave it 4 stars, but it's super well constructed and may be excellent for someone else. My preferred way to use it is to squish in and rattle the marble back and forth.