Fidget Earrings (Space)
Fidget Earrings (Space)
Fidget Earrings (Space)
Fidget Earrings (Space)

Fidget Earrings (Space)

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Looking for a stylish accessory that can also be a fun stim toy? Look no further than our fidget earrings!

Made with nickel-free iron, these earrings are safe for sensitive ears and won't cause irritation. The planet charms add a unique touch that's perfect for space enthusiasts, while the chain allows for discreet, quiet stimming at work or school. 

These earrings can be worn by anyone who wants a fun and functional accessory. Order now and experience the benefits of fidgeting in style!

Feel free to contact us if you’d like custom earrings done (for example, we could mix colours together or even mix different charms with each other entirely). 


Chain, Rings and Earring piece: Nickel Free Iron

Please note: These are meant for gentle stimming. Please do not yank on these.  

Disclaimer: These are not for children. 

Colours may vary slightly from picture. 

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