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Bike Chain Fidget

Bike Chain Fidget

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These provide a smooth rolling and twisting movement!

Made of: stainless steel, silicone

Care instructions: Do not soak in water.  Clean with a damp cloth.  For stubborn dirt, wash in warm soapy water and dry immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I love it! I would buy again, Tysm, this helps a lot in school when I’m having a bad adhd and overstimulating kind of day <34

Versatile and feels great

This is my favourite fidget! Very easy to use with one hand while doing other computer work but can be fussed with using both hands as well. It makes a great rattly sound but it's pretty quiet. Has a bit of a weighty feel to it that give the turning some momentum for smooth motion. Overall it just feels great to use!


My partner loves it!

Excellent mindless fidget

So, I am new to the world of fidget toys and gadgets. This one is really great for just mindlessly fidgeting to keep me from picking at my nail, cuticles, skin, etc. It's simple, and I find it really useful for keeping my hands busy while I'm focusing on something.

New Ones Are Less Than Ideal

I bought one of these a while back and absolutely adored it, so I decided to buy a couple more to always have one on hand. They arrived today and I was more than a little disappointed to see the differences between the old and new ones. The old one has the rings that are significantly smaller so the chains don't twist around as much and get stuck like they do on the larger rings. The silicone band is also far smaller and thinner on the New ones and doesn't squish well. Overall really disappointed, but might be fine if you're not in love with the old ones like I am.