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Seasonal Bead Rings

Seasonal Bead Rings

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Material: Iron rings with plastic beads. 

These measure 32mm across per ring.

Please note: This product is not intended for children. 

Colours may appear different. (The red is a much deeper shade than pictured.) 

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Customer Reviews

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big man
Unexpected pleasant surprises

When I looked at this listing, I thought that I would only get the bead rings on the photo. I just liked lovecore themed stuff. When I bought it and received it along with other things I got from here, there were actually TWO sets of bead rings, this one and another one, smaller with a different arrangement of the same colors. The pink and white beads on the bead rings you see on the photo are of a shiny, shimmering kind, and is a little iridescent in sunlight. The smaller set of bead rings has opaque pink and white beads. While the big bead rings have one color on each ring, the smaller one has three colors on three beads on each rings. Both sets of the bead rings have three beads on each ring. The rings also look very durable! I wish there was a size comparison in the photo because man I am bad at math. The one in the photo has rings somewhat comparable to the size of the rings that are used in keychains (the main big one), so it's a bit big for me, but it's nice! Still fits in your hand. The smaller one is what I'm more used to since I've owned bead rings like it before, and it fits in your palm better. You can also rearrange the order of the beads in the smaller one by moving it around.
All in all, pretty nice! Didn't expect to get two of them, and I don't regret my purchase at all. Just remember that you can lose these things pretty fast if you're not careful, they can slip out of your pockets while you're laying down somewhere if your pockets are bad ones.

Clicky and fun!

I got this in a different color but wanted to review this listing because it had no reviews and this item is so fun and satisfying to use!