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Our Ball-Ception squishy balls are incredibly flexible, to pull, squish, squeeze and twist for hours of quiet stress relieving action. Inside the larger balls are lots of smaller, colourful and squishy balls to add extra visual and sensory stimulation.

Please note that if you've ordered these before, our new Ball-Ceptions are larger. 

Care Instructions: Flexible squishy plastics are fragile and can be damaged by sharp things (including zippers, nails, etc). Please be careful with them and make sure to avoid getting them caught on fingernails or sharp clothing.  Clean with a damp cloth or wash in warm (not hot!) soapy water. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Only thing bad about it is they're sticky. Tried washing them, no help. Good on theory but bothers my kid's other sensory issues.

Fun! Sticky in a good way!

We got one of these and at the time it had a promo image that made it seem like it had more balls, but its still really nice. You can shake it and the colorful balls make a fun noise, and its generally nice to play with. Slightly sticky, like another review said.

An interesting stim

Initially thought the ball was completely filled with smaller balls, but is only filled about halfway. Reached out to April and Irene, and they removed the misleading promo image! The ball is definitely squishy, and quite fun to squish down on and around the balls inside it, even if its not quite what I expected. Also fun to just shake since theres alotta room inside for them to move around. It does have a tacky, sticky feel to it, and a rubber smell, which doesn't bother me but might bother others.

So much fun!

I love this stim toy! It was one of the many products I ordered from here, and it's so comforting and nice to okay with. I keep it with me in my bag now. I definitely recommend it!