Wooden Magnetic Sliders
Wooden Magnetic Sliders
Wooden Magnetic Sliders
Wooden Magnetic Sliders

Wooden Magnetic Sliders

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Please Note: Any orders containing these will ship Nov 10th. They are being pre-made  

Check out our wooden sliders!

These are made from oak, and are fun to slide back and forth. We work closely with a local business which supplies us with their scrap material that would otherwise be discarded as wood waste! The wood pieces are then drilled, have magnets inserted into them and are sanded (including the corners so there are no sharp edges). Finally, they are stained to seal and protect their natural beauty. 

Please note that no two sliders will look exactly the same, as there will be variations in shade, grain and overall appearance of the wood.  

There also may be some white spots on the magnets. This is residue from the glue and will disappear over time with use. 

Each slider measures approximately 5cm long and 4 cm wide. Each of the two pieces in the slider are approximately 1 cm thick.

Please note: This product is not intended for children. Magnets may come out over time and could be swallowed. 

All these sliders are handmade personally by us.


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