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Foam Squishies

Foam Squishies

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Check out these adorable slow rising squishies! 

Colours may vary slightly from picture. 

They are approximately 3” long and 1” tall. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very cute :)

Got one of these in a mystery box I ordered, got the green cat (though it looks more like teal or foam green, perhaps, and a husky dog). Comparing it to the picture on the listing, the white face mask marking it has is bigger, not by a large tangent, but I'm not complaining since I consider it a plus. It's very cute, good condition too when it came to my hands. I'm a little confused on how to play with it since I'm not used to squishies like other fidgets I own. I was more interested in the bag it was in, which made a crinkly sound when I use the squishy with it (cat-like brain). Perhaps it's just not my thing, but that shouldn't stop you from considering this if you like squishies!

Great Texture and Squish!

I've found it really hard to find good foam Squishies that aren't either super hard or super tiny. This kitten is perfectly sized for my hand (I wear US large gloves when working, if that helps estimate size) and has a nice medium density. To me it feels like playing with those memory foam samples they used to put out at furniture stores; so for me it's a very happy and nostalgic toy!