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Glass Bead Fidget Earrings

Glass Bead Fidget Earrings

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Looking for a stylish accessory that can also be a fun stim toy? Look no further than our fidget earrings!

Made with nickel-free iron, these earrings are safe for sensitive ears and won't cause irritation. Colourful glass bead charms add a classy touch that's perfect for the fashionista who wants to colour-coordinate outfits

These earrings can be worn by anyone who wants a fun and functional accessory. Order now and experience the benefits of fidgeting in style!


Chain, Rings and Earring piece: Nickel Free Iron

Gems: Zinc alloy, iron and glass

Please note: These are meant for gentle stimming. Please do not yank on these.  

Disclaimer: These are not for children. 

Colours may vary slightly from picture. 

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Customer Reviews

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this one was kind of an impulse purchase and i wasn't sure if i'd like it. it's definitely very pretty and fun to play with! i got mine in red and white with gold base and i like how it looks a lot. but for me the sound of the chain dragging through the loop so close to my ear is not very nice. maybe for someone else it will be fine though! i also really appreciate the tiny rubber backing for the fish hooks so they stay in place :) i think it could be cool to have an option for a chain that is made of a smooth cord/string or something like that, so there is less noise so close to the ear.