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Fidget Controller

Fidget Controller

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Check out our fidget controllers! If you love gaming, these controllers are for you!  You can stim in so many ways with them: they feature clickable mini-buttons (two should "click" and two should "squish") and a joystick on the front, a spinning wheel and switch on the back, and rollers and a slider on the side.  They also come with an optional keychain attachment.

Measuring just under 3" x 1.5" (7cm x 3cm), these are perfect for fidgeting on the go!

Weight: 21 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gift for a friend

From the friend:
"Knocked off a star due to one of the clicky buttons being broken on arrival and the other breaking shortly after. Everything else is pretty good though, and I like how small it is so I can bring it anywhere. The options on it are great as well."
I'll also say, the rainbow coloring was already chipping before the controller was even taken out of its plastic wrapping.


omg i love these, it has so many different interesting things on such a small little controller. all the options are satisfying. love it


i bought the rainbow controller when pride month started, i have fun stimming with it, the clicking of the buttons and switch is satisfying and the swirling bit next to thw switch is nice for when i need to stim more quietly, but i noticed a couple things that bug me:

firstly, when i got the controller, it's seams were kind of loose, i can push the top and bottom pieces and there's a visible movement

second the two side buttons on the left side often get stuck when clicked
and thirdly, the coloring came off very, very easily, mine was maybe used for 2 or 3 days and there was extremely obvious fading of the colors.

these are things i noticed, but pther than the buttons, the problems i have with the product do not mess with my stimming so i am very satisfied with my purchase!

Amanda Turner
We love these

Perfect for stimming! I really like these. I have a rainbow one and my husband has a blue one. He likes it too. :)

even better than I expected

As someone who does a lot of meetings and zoom calls for work, this fidget is perfect for me because it's small and quiet so I can fidget during meetings without drawing attention. I got the rainbow one but am tempted to get other colors, too