Chewable Bundles

Chewable Bundles

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Interested in trying some chewable stim toys but not sure where to start? 

This bundle might be the perfect way for you to try a variety while saving some money as each bundle is cheaper than it would be to purchase them separately. 

Small - Contains 3 chew items: Feather chew necklace, crystal chew necklace, and teardrop chew necklace.  These vary in strength so you can get an idea of what works for you!

Medium - Contains 5 chew items: including the above plus a cookie chew necklace and a coffee chew

Large - Contains 8 chew items including what's in the medium plus a cat or elephant chew ,a chewable bracelet, a sharktooth chew necklace. 

X Large - Contains 10 items, including the above and a heart chew necklace and whatever animal wasn't given in the large. 

Please note that the cat or elephant chew and the coffee chew don't come with a necklace cord, but you can purchase one here if you want one!  They even come in different colours! 

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